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Many Microsoft partners want to take control of their growth but tell us that word of mouth is their main source of customers. Their challenge is not that they don’t have customers, but that customers come in outside of their control.

Not surprisingly, it’s often unclear how to take control. This is where most partners make their mistakes. Because they try many disconnected (random) marketing activities, it becomes impossible to learn and improve the outcome of these activities. This way they end up like a hamster in a treadmill. Trying all kinds of things without moving forward.

You might know people like this. They say “I have tried it before, and it only cost me money.” They give up on one of the most impactful ways to take control of their growth, and their companies return to getting customers the reactive way. How to take control and avoid ending up like the hamster in the treadmill?

Join marketing and sales strategist Youri Kuper in his webinar to find out! We'll discuss:

  • How to make your business more visible and attractive
  • How to find the right channels to generate useful leads
  • How to attract customers that are willing to work with you
  • How Microsoft helps you with sales insights about companies that are ready to buy
  • What the Microsoft Boost Your Business Program can do for you

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Youri Kuper

Partner Make Marketing Magic

Partner at Make Marketing Magic. Passionate about company growth. Trained over 2000 professionals and build several sales and marketing departments in +10 countries.



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